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Data Collection
Data Annotation
Voice Collection
Voiceprint: Use professional voiceprint acquisition equipment to ensure that the audio is thorough and fidelity is high
Wake words: Voice data such as wake words and command words can be collected in different scene environments Free dialogue: You can complete the collection of multi-person free talk around different themes online or offline Customization: Simulate different scenes, build various customized environments, and collect multi-person voices with emotions
Image and Video Collection
People Videos: Collect videos of people's activities in different scenes Road video: A variety of road videos can be collected according to demand Facial data: Collect images of multiple countries and regions as well as different lights, angles, and faces Action images of special populations and behaviors: Collect behavioral images/video data specified by the human body Traffic images: According to the different scenes of the vehicle images, different types of vehicles and a variety of road conditions image acquisition
Text information collection
Corpus text collection: Support custom collection of Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other language corpora text data, covering multiple industry fields. Includes multiple categories such as receipts; bills; application forms; driver's licenses, etc.
In addition, magnesium technology can quickly build various complex scenarios according to customer needs, which are widely used in driving, security, new retail, home life and other industries. Magnesium Technology has a strong customized data collection capability to help the application of various industries to land.
Image Annotation
Pull box labeling: Uses 2D boxes, 3D boxes, polygon boxes, and so on to mark out the specified target object in the image or video data
Semantic Segmentation: Marks the content and location present in the image, and segments it at the pixel level according to the attribute
3D Point Cloud Labeling: Labels multiple classes of specified objects in the point cloud data image using 3D boxes
Key point Annotation: Key points can be marked on face key points, human skeleton key points, face facial features, etc
Line Annotation: Supports Bezier curve annotation of lane lines, as well as other mixed annotations
OCR Transcription: Recognizes text in an image and transscribes it as text Text information Extraction: The information contained in the text is classified and labeled and other structured processing Part-of-speech labeling: Part-of-speech annotation based on specific text data, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc Machine Translation: Transcribing and translating the source language, supporting English, Russian, Italian and other multi-national languages Sentiment Judgment: For the specified text data, determine the sentiment category of the text and give the corresponding labels, such as positive, negative, etc Intent Judgment: The method of classification is usually used to classify sentences into corresponding types of intents, and then determine semantic intent
Language engineering Annotation
Voice Annotation
ASR Speech Transcription: Extracts speech data features and transcribes them into corresponding text or commands
Speech emotion Determination: Identify the emotional state of the speaker from the speech data
Voiceprint Recognition Annotation: Identifies or confirms the speaker in the audio data
Voice Cutting: According to the needs, the voice is segmented
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