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Data Collection
Data Annotation
Based on the leading data labeling platform and mature labeling, auditing, and quality inspection mechanisms, MettoTech provides high-quality testing and labeling data for enterprise AI R&D and implementation, and builds the core competitiveness of AI data.
Data Customization Service
On the basis of ensuring the data compliance of the whole process, MettoTech adopts self-developed software to comprehensively guarantee the security mechanism, and provides customers with all-round, high-efficiency and strong security original AI data.
MettoTech provides centralized filtering data content inspection services, supports inspection customization, special strategy deployment and control, rapid cleaning, comprehensive inspection, and effectively reduces security risks.
Data Cleaning
Customized services of IT software programs, in order to ensure user experience, MettoTech can provide customers with one-stop solutions such as language testing and appearance testing.
Software and application localization
Game content localization
localization service
Localization, globalization, and cultural fit are all factors to consider for a game to be successfully released globally. Our game customization services include: game text, UI, user manual, dubbing, promotional materials, legal documents and other customizations.
Product promotion content localization
Metto team has a professional team and strong technical and engineering strength, and can provide services such as graphic UI, website, audio/video, subtitles and other customizations, as well as multilingual dubbing.
Smart device overseas evaluation
When developing products and software for global availability, Metto's custom evaluation service ensures that all features are compatible with global availability.
High efficiency under the guidance of high precision, small data based on big data, our ready-made data set of more than 60 major languages and dialects, involving a variety of application scenarios, data quality is trustworthy.
Training Dataset
Mspeech APP

Mspeech APP is a self-developed voice collection tool application, its main functions are audio file collection, audio file recording, audio file upload, noise detection, support one-click export and import, simple operation, powerful function.
One-click sharing
Visualize one-click sharing, can be directly shared to WeChat friends, group chat, and support upload
Interrupt auto-save in case the
recording is lost
Quick-paced alerts
Follow the recording requirements for speed prompts
Noise detection
Detect whether the noise parameters of the current recording environment meet the recording standards
Customize play

Support double speed play, can be fast or slow, can be advanced or retreated, and can also support sequential play and loop play

Fixed-point playback

Support to add markers to audio tracks, easy to point playback, support background recording and background playback recording



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